About Us

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The Acuña Art Gallery & Cultural Center/Café on A is a community cultural center which hosts multiple empowering and strengthening activities:  academic, social empowerment, arts enrichment  and community strengthening programs for our Oxnard Plains community.

The mission of the Foundation for Educational and Employment Resources Development @ the Café on A is to empower our community through pragmatic, compassionate and loving programming.

Our vision is to prepare our community to be productive, aware and actively contributing members of our local community, and to become agents of change for the greater society.

Our principle and defining philosophy is to respect the rights of the individual, provide service to the community, and to be active servants to the transformational power of unconditional love.

We practice a philosophy of unconditional love that understands and embraces the fact that the lower the socio-economic our clients reside the greater is the need  to fully attempt to address the health needs and  issues of both mind and body of the clients.

Through various programs at the Café on A, we have grown to understand one constant: that the courage, honesty, and creativity of the clients with whom we are lucky enough to work, never fails to leave us humble and grateful.

Please explore our web site, and come to visit the Café on A.

What you see is just a grace note of these our collective journeys. This web site represents our many clients:  Youth in search of a better life, survivors of violence and abuse, creative artists and musicians, those seeking to create better options for the future.

What you see... is  what they hope and dream... what they fear and hope.

Thank you for your continued support.

~ Armando Vasquez, Co‐Founder

~ Deborah DeVries, Co‐Founder