Acuña Art Gallery

The Rodolfo F. Acuña Art Gallery and Cultural Center is a renowned art gallery, a cutting edge educational center and the ombligo of social justice and activism in the greater Oxnard plains area. The fight for self determination, social justice and local control of our minds and lives is what fuels and drives the most eclectic and diverse convergence of artists of all stripes from throughout Oxnard, the Ventura county area and beyond.

For two decades, the Acuña Art Gallery has help champion Chicana(o) Art as one of the most gifted and talent art movement that this country and world has ever witnessed. When we made that declaration some 50 years ago the art world thought we were mad; today Chicana(o) Art is displayed in the greatest and most influential museums of the world, including the Acuña Art Gallery.

See a small sample of our events and art exhibits below!