Agatha Muñoz Photography

Agatha Muñoz has been a photographer for over 3 years and is based in Ventura County. Her career began by gathering images of textures and shapes as inspiration for fashion design. Her experience and involvement in the art community and coordinating events expanded her creativity and prompted her to develop a calling to photograph what she witnessed.

Her work is the documentation of the intimacy that lives within moment to moment. Fragments of a time and space where there is a revelation of peace and success, weather that being for the subject, the photographer, or simply in nature or by design. She carries her camera nearly everywhere. She believes there will always be something beautiful to absorb into one’s mind and spirit.

Agatha Muñoz strives to unveil scenes as being more that what they appear on the surface. To expose more dimensions of the human imagination. She continues to expose herself to new methods of thought-process in order to apply fresh perspective through her lens.

Artist Contact Information:

Agatha Muñoz Photography
Instagram: ag_munoz