Elisa Torres

Artist Statement

 Born in the U.S. and my heart carries the colors and shapes of Mexico. I find pride and joy in playing with light, geometric and organic shapes in my work. Styles of my ancestors, the Aztecs. I have found balance in loving both painting and drawing in many forms. I create because it will outlive me. I create to touch spirituality because people have shifted their attachment to material things, but it is good for the soul to find dreamlike moments, a moment in art.

Artistic Biography

Elisa Torres was born in Oxnard, California. She works predominantly in the medium of acrylic paint but has also geared her way into mixing mediums and making more detailed works in ink. Inspired by artists like Wassily Kandinsky and Fiona Rae she experiments with paint using different and recognizable brush strokes, giving a fluidity of color and emotion grasping the attention of the viewer.

Elisa credits the mentorship from professors Christine Morla and Ichiro Irie at Oxnard College for assisting her to refine her skills and introducing her to the local art world. Since then, she has participated in over 15 art exhibits in various parts of Ventura County; including Acuña Art Gallery & Cultural Center in Downtown Oxnard, California and at  Studio Channel Islands Art Center in Old Town Camarillo, California. She has submitted work for online competitions, being named one of the top 10 finalist in many. In 2010, she won 1st prize for the Oxnard South Branch Library Art competition. She enjoys working towards expanding the local art scene and collaborating with other artists in the community bringing a more creative feel to, not only her peers, but the youth as well.


Artist contact information:

Elisa Torres



Instagram: mosca_loca