John Del Rosario

John Del Rosario is a local contemporary abstract expressionist painter and a rising star in the art world. John wants to spread art appreciation throughout the community in order to inspire and motivate the youth to be innovators for their community.

He paints abstractions of his emotions into different brush strokes to reflect the energy of his spirit and everything around him. John uses his art technique to teach troubled youth within our community to express and release their emotions onto a canvas.

John Del Rosario is also a co-founder of S.T.A.C. (SAVE THE ART CULTURE) which was founded to help spread art appreciation throughout the Oxnard community. John has received many community awards in recognition to his strong involvement  in planning local art events to attract and involve the at-risk youths residence of Oxnard.

John is not only an artist, activist, and resident artists he's also  a strong loyal supporter of the Cafe on A various programs.