The Café on A is home for the the Oxnard Multicultural Mental Health Coalition (Oxnard Multicultural Movement/Movimiento de Hechos!), abbreviated OMMH and is endeavoring to minimize racial and ethnic disparities in the delivery of mental health services to the wonderful people here in Ventura county and with particular emphasis on the greater Oxnard area.

OMMH strives for the use of community defined mental wellness practices that deliver positive results in a holistic manner, in other words, modalities that work and affect individuals in positive and long lasting ways.

One of our key principles is “Arte y Cultura Cura“, in other words art and culture heals. Our community based art programs have effective outcomes for enhancing mental and physical wellness. We encourage participation in various forms of art to reduce stress, depression, isolation and help heal various forms for emotional trauma.

Currently, OMMH meets every Friday at Cafe On A @5:30pm.

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Below is a partial list of healthy living programs currently being provided by the OMMH/Sonrisa at Cafe on A.

The Friends of the Earth Collective uses clay and other organic material to as a tool for healing and as a tool of meditative and healing art creation, activities and therapies.  In the past five years, and from this artistic and healing collective two of the great ceramicists of the world have built confidence, overcome depression and are now teaching, demonstrating and working with our art friends in Oxnard. Arte Cura!  We feel it, we see it and we embrace it!

Las Salseras One Love exercise, dance Entre Mujeres group is dedicated to physical exercise, healthy life choices and nightly  intimate “platicas entre mujeres”, confidential, trusted and wide -ranging talks from  depression, mental illness and tools for wellness and ideas and strategies of social activism to improve the community.

The Dual Diagnosis Group is small intimate gather of community folk that suffer from multiple mental health issues; we are making tremendous breakthroughs in working toward mental wellness through our weekly confidential “mesa redonda” rap sessions.

Create Not Destroy is a multicultural youth arts group that works to address youth angst, rage and pain through love, understanding, empathy, music, art and dance. They have planned concerts/ art flow nights throughout the year, come join them at the Café on A.

The Peace Group meets weekly and they work to spread the concept of peace and love through self realization, it is within us all, they are wonderful ambassadors of the power of self realized potential.

Veterans &Artists for Peace is a group of veterans and other community folk that are working to end militarism in our country and our community, they plan an activist peace fair for September of this year; we will keep you posted.

The KEYS Leadership Academy has been providing educational, social justice, arts, business and civic classes and community improvement projects for over two decades. Currently we are working on art as a social justice tool.

The Oxnard Writers is gathering of local published, self-published and soon to be published poets, writers and playwrights who make OMMH their weekly home and they bounce around both real and literary mental pain and wellness as well as creative curative ideas and support. They plan author’s fourms, engage in discussion groups and participate in other events throughout California and beyond.

The Oxnard College Coalition is composed of artist, activist student, scholars and associated student government officers who have made OMMH their headquarters and use the intimacy of the Café on A to plan progressive activities for youth and students through the greater Oxnard plains.

The Hip-Hop Coalition of Oxnard is a group of youth that plan, schedule and hold music concerts, social justice forums, and community improvement projects through the year, one of the principal goals of the coalition is to provide more water safety classes and universal beach access to all kids and their families in Oxnard.

The LGBTQ Group is working to redefine the parameters and discussion beyond the traditional “box” that has been articulated by others; at OMMH these mostly young folk have a safe haven to explore, discuss and create identities that fits, comforts and defines them as individuals and as a group.

The OMMH Legal Center is a free or very low cost legal service available to our Latino immigrant population and their families. The Center provides culturally linguistically and congruent in the much needed areas of resolving depression in family law issues, immigration, and social justice concerns.

We encourage you to stop by to get to know our vast network of “promotoras/promotores”.