one love dance company



One Love Dance Company

One One Love Dance Company program, provides services to predominantly factory and agricultural working women; women who have experienced hardships, domestic violence, and socio-economic discrimination and have no previous dance experience.

One Love Dance Company is a cultural art group which is  shares traditional dance, music and food memories from home towns and villages throughout Mexico and other Latin American homes. In addition, by forging a link to their new environment by participating in culturally familiar dances (which includes Zumbaile, Salsa, and Cumbia, etc.)  they learn to develop with healthy lifestyle choices, a sense of purpose, strength, and mental wellness. One Love Dance Company also serves the young at-risk youth, provides community workshops, and is part of OMMH. Classes are held every evening Monday through Friday.


One Love Dance Company Kicks off the 2016 Artists Community Workshop Series!

Author, Mentor, Dance Instructor

Julie Medina-Writer/Dancer-Julie Medina has lived experience that affect many countless women.  Julie is coordinator of One Love Dance Company with many local dancers, performers, artists, and blue collar working women participating in the growth of this community dance collective. As a writer Julie uses her troubled youth experience to give her inner strength which has helped her achieve her dreams. As a community mentor Julie has helped other young women overcome obstacles with the guiding principle of unconditional love.  Currently, Julie can be found preparing and conducting dance sessions, writing and being a key member at the Cafe on A. Julie is a certified Zumba instructor.