Rainbow Arts Coalition

Our Rainbow Arts Coalition Program provide direct services to our community by providing art classes, one-on-one art session/mentoring, and coordinate community art exhibits. Majority of these art sessions are held at Acuña Art Gallery and Cultural Center at the Café on A, but some, due to their nature, are held at other facility locations such as mental health centers, homeless shelters, etc. The art exhibits are always held at the Acuña Art Gallery and Cultural Center at the Café on A in coordination with each facility as a way to bring awareness to the general population.

We encourage everyone to feel free to talk about their problems and disabilities as to bring a wider understanding of the challenges we all face.  Some of the artists from the Rainbow Arts Coalition at Acuña Art Gallery at the Cafe on A are artists which have physical impairments, so their challenges are easier for others to see and understand.  Still others, suffer from disabilities that are invisible, but crippling just the same; such as, specific learning disabilities, bi-polar disorder, depression, anxiety and many other neurological challenges. We also have a large number of artists who do not have disabilities but by being part of the Rainbow Arts Coalition at the at Acuña Art Gallery Cafe on A have developed an awareness and understanding of the many challenges faced in our community. We foster an environment in which every artists has an opportunity to collaborate with others,  lead projects, promote communication and awareness in our community. As each artists is unique, their individual need is different.  All our artists work together regardless of their abilities.

There is an ease of accessibility the Cafe on A offers our guest/audience members.  Our front entrance is slightly sloped with no steps, our back entrance is street level and our side entrance has only one small step. Our gallery space is specifically left unconstructive during regular business hours, the table and chairs are layout with ease of access in mind during receptions and meetings. We have a large screen and projector to magnify vision for those who have low vision during screening of special events. We treat each guest like family, this is their home and we strive to facilitate their access to our programs by making their visit as welcoming as possible.

Areas of service we do not currently offer are:  interpreting services for individuals who are deaf/hard of hearing or services for visitors who are blind.

Another component of the program is building community relationships. Network and partnering with other organizations, businesses, artists and promoters not only support the projects but bring continued awareness of challenges in our community.

If we can count on your support please contact us today at acarrillo@cafeona.org.


Rainbow Arts Coalition is funded in part by:

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