There are no words to describe Armando Vazquez other than a "living legend"!

armando Collage

Armando Vazquez, is not only co-founder and co-director of our foundation, but he's also a well respected Chicano artist, author, activist, community organizer, educator, mentor, and fiercely dedicated to the concept of "unconditional love".


Our Artists in Residence program is unique. We don’t offer individual studio space but an opportunity to use the gallery and community space to create, network with other artists, engage the community, organize events and become involved. It is opened to artists in various stages of their career-emerging to masters. For more information on how to get involved contact us!

Jacqueline Biaggi

Jacqueline Biaggi resident artist

John Del Rosario

john del rosario resident artist

Ruben Renteria

ruben renteria polaroid

Agatha Muñoz

agatha munoz resident artist

Elisa Torres

Elisa Torres Resident Artist

MEMO & Friends

memo martinez resident artist