Ruben Renteria The Master Artist

About the Artist

Ruben Renteria-Visual Artist -Ruben Renteria is a Southern California based artist. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Georgia Southern University. Art is a universal language which he uses to challenge viewers. He invites people to use their own life experiences in order to conceive an explanation for his work. Juxtaposing warm and cool hues as well as using dark backgrounds to intensify colors are a few techniques he utilizes to make vivid pictures. Each individual person has a unique thought process and he aims for his work to provoke imagination.

Most recently, Ruben, along with fellow artists John De Rosario, had a art exhibit, "The Young Masters Collection, on display at the Cafe on A.  Ruben can be found throughout the community teaching a new generation of artist at many community events and schools.

Website: Ruben Renteria